Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woah, time for an update!

What the hell, its been like a year.  First, foremost and immediately, Burning Love are coming through the area for three shows and we're playing the first one.

We are also playing the sixth annual Michigan Meltdown in Grand Rapids on Friday with such luminaries as the Wankys and Lotus Fucker.  We're going to listen to nothing but the first two Slapshot records and AF "Liberty & Justice For..."on the way out.  Inside joke.  Check http://grscreamer.com for the info.

And then we're playing June 24th at the Lager House with H8 Inc and a few more.  That will most likely be our last show until September due to personal commitments for July and August.

Back to the news.  We have started putting on a monthly hardcore show at the Shelter called Fight Like Hell.  Search for the group on Facebook, I have no idea how to link directly to it.  The first show was a week or two ago with Slang, Mind Eraser, (us), Final Assault, and Disconnected.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a success.

The second show is going to be July 24th with H8 Inc and All My Blood, plus one more.  The Suicide Machines show is upstairs at St Andrews, so this will be the after party, $6 or $3 with a SM ticket stub.

Then we'll be back in September, most likely with the Nightbringer 7" release show.  October's Fight Like Hell show is shaping up to have a certain reunion, we'll let the cat out of the bag once everything is confirmed.

Wait, what was that?  A Nightbringer record?  Sure, what the hell, we've only been a band for six years. figured we might as well.  Due for release this summer on High Anxiety, three songs (One of These Days, No Sleep Till Death, and Death of Heathen Gods).  A veritable sonic hammer, wait and see.

We spent the last two months recording (ok, everyone else spent two weeks recording, then I spent two months overdubbing) a ton of instrument tracks.  First and foremost is the second 7", due out in September or October on Deer Healer.  Brand new, never demo-ed song 31st And Michigan paired with A Better Tomorrow, which is enhanced from the CIUT session version by bringing back Matt Simpson for some hot dual guitar action.  Somewhere around the same time the Spider Cuddler Detroit covers comp should come out, all current Detroit bands covering old Detroit bands.  Since we're really only a Detroit band by association, we picked a similarly non-Detroit band to cover.  Also in the works is the Schizophrenic Records cross border hardcore comp of Detroit and Windsor bands.  Two new tunes on that.  Next on the agenda is to con someone in Europe to compile all this stuff on a 12".

So yeah.  Busy busy.  Life is unpredictable, keep moving.


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

how's the state of the art in case of the DISCONNECTED split 7"?

and I also might be easy to con in case of that Euro 12" on your agenda.

mikxxx said...

hi guys i posted your 7'' in my blog
hope you don't mind...

cheers and hugs