Monday, December 8, 2008

New singer, new DVD, new post

Quick update of the last six months or so...

1- Matt left the band, got married, and we wish him the best.  We're keeping the one guitar line up.

2- Len joined on vocals.  He and I were in Earthmover together from 94-98, so it has been great to play together again, and I think it has made everything finally click.  For the next couple months we will only be able to play once or twice a month until he moves back to Michigan.

3- We made a DVD demo of 4 songs live with the new lineup.  $5 plus postage, email me.  Here is the cheap bastard youtube version.  Part 1  Part 2  Also available in Japan at Base and Boy Records and from Under The Surface mailorder.

4- Two shows coming up, December 14 in Detroit at the Trumbull with just about everyone, and December 26 in Syracuse.

5- New shirts.  They're yellow ("athletic gold", to be specific) and the is a design based on the Michigan state flag, except it looks like the hood of a mid 70s Firebird.  $8 plus postage.  Buy one and help fund Michigan's economic recovery.

Friday, May 23, 2008

"One of these days I'm gonna get organezized"

Someone buy me a calender, for christ's sake.  The correct show days and dates are:
Saturday, May 31 w/ Gasmask Terror (France), Black Dove (ex Awakening), Shit Fucker,  1737 W. Warren, Detroit

Monday, June 2 w/ Endless Blockade (Toronto), XBrainiax, Pizza Hi Five at the Trumbull, 4210 Trumbull, Detroit, 8pm, $6

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

getting caught up

I stole a day off from work, so in between my physical (everything checked out, all the good bits were in the right places, the doctor said I had exceptionally awesome blood, but I think their equipment is off because they tried telling me I'm 5' 6 3/4".  I'm 5' 7", for chrissakes.  Recalibrate that thing, stat) and the eye doctor, I've got some time to play around with this site and try to whip it into some sort of shape.  After the eye doctor, I'm going down to Toledo to pick up my Marshall Major, fresh out of the shop.  200 watts of 38 year old Marshall amplification, and hopefully it won't electrocute me anymore.  With Matt retiring, I'm going to start running the dual half-stacks again like I did in Ruination, so if soundmen hated us before for being louder than their PAs, they'll really hate us now.  Which means the next step in the amplification arms race is to get our own PA, and a van to haul it in.  I wish Honda made a full size van, that would make it so much easier to pick one.  Ian shot down my idea to get an Element and a trailer, but I guess we really don't have the $10,000 that would cost.

We played with the Meatmen last weekend and Easy Action the week before, both in Toledo.  Both good shows, I'd say.  The new line up is set as a three piece for the foreseeable future, hopefully we can get it together to let Matt do a last show or something.  Between work, his kid, engagement, and planning to move to NYC, he's a busy guy these days.  

In April we started recording our second demo (if you don't count the one we abandoned in Novemeber when the reel-to-reel bit the dust).  We're going to do 7"s on Deer Dealer and High Anxiety, as well as having a track on the Under The Surface Records comp.  So we recorded every song we had to send to Mike, Chris, and Souichi, so they could pick the songs they wanted.  Then we'll release the remainder as a real deal 2nd demo, and properly re-record the ones they want.  Maybe even a cassette, so that when humanity is wiped out and the last 50 years of our history is lost as electronic data, the alien archaeologists can listen to our tape and ponder what led us to such an end.  In the mean time, here's the rough mix of five songs that we had at the last couple shows.  

Here's the line up for the UTS comp...  
CROSSFACE (tokyo), TERROR MANAGEMENT THEORY (tx), WORMS MEAT (tokyo), BLUDWULF (ny), BUGZARTS (urawa), NIGHTBRINGER (mi), 悪AI意 (kitakyushu), WARCRY(or), CRUDE(hakodate), WORLD BURNS TO DEATH(tx), NO VALUE(tokyo), TOLAR(tx), INEPSY(montreal, canada), JHABARA(tokyo), CRIMINAL DAMAGE(or), ORIGIN OF [M](hiroshima), NIGHTMARE(osaka), AGGRESSION (kochi), ONEDAY(toyama), SEVERED HEAD OF STATE(tx,or), PUNCH IN THE FACE (il), 九狼吽 (nagoya), INMATES(oh), FUCKED UP(toronto, canada) 
WOW.  Best comp in years, presumably.  And if you ask me, I'd say the last best hardcore comp was the "Tribute to Masami" 2xCD.  Track it down if you can.

Two shows coming up:
Friday, May 30 w/ Gasmask Terror (France), Black Dove (ex Awakening), Shit Fucker,  1737 W. Warren, Detroit
Saturday, June 2 w/ Endless Blockade (Toronto), XBrainiax, Pizza Hi Five at the Trumbull, 4210 Trumbull, Detroit, 8pm, $6

Monday, April 7, 2008

show in ann arbor friday the 11th

we got a show at the neutral zone this friday up in ann arbor. its a benefit for the ann arbor skate park i think. we're gonna be a 3 piece, matt has to work, so we'll see how this goes. show starts at like 9. pancheros and pinball petes afterwards motherfuckers.