Monday, December 8, 2008

New singer, new DVD, new post

Quick update of the last six months or so...

1- Matt left the band, got married, and we wish him the best.  We're keeping the one guitar line up.

2- Len joined on vocals.  He and I were in Earthmover together from 94-98, so it has been great to play together again, and I think it has made everything finally click.  For the next couple months we will only be able to play once or twice a month until he moves back to Michigan.

3- We made a DVD demo of 4 songs live with the new lineup.  $5 plus postage, email me.  Here is the cheap bastard youtube version.  Part 1  Part 2  Also available in Japan at Base and Boy Records and from Under The Surface mailorder.

4- Two shows coming up, December 14 in Detroit at the Trumbull with just about everyone, and December 26 in Syracuse.

5- New shirts.  They're yellow ("athletic gold", to be specific) and the is a design based on the Michigan state flag, except it looks like the hood of a mid 70s Firebird.  $8 plus postage.  Buy one and help fund Michigan's economic recovery.

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Steven said...

still waiting for ordering info on the shirt