Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good times, comin' your way

Saturday, 9.19.09, we're doing two shows with Burning Love from Toronto. The early show is at Refuge in Dearborn and the late show will be at the Metal Frat in Ann Arbor. It should be outrageously ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're recording vocals for the first 7" now. Three songs, for release on High Anxiety (Chris from Cursed's label). Another 7" will follow on Deer Healer, and we have basic tracks for a few songs for the LP. If we're lucky that will be done by the end of winter. Loud stuff is being recorded down in Toledo with JC at Bottom of the Lake, vocals are being done up here with Clifton at Blackfeather. Its kind of funny having three guys from Earthmover working together again, mostly we just say filthy stuff, tell ridiculous stories and play with guns.

The Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage comp will be out on CD September 1st, we'll have copies and I'll have some in the Burai Core distro. Vinyl to follow, hopefully.

You should be able to download the radio session here, its basically "the Len demo" as the only recording with the current line up. If you can't download it, then I fucked up, you can at least listen to it.

Playing for free at the Garden Bowl friday. Should be a blast.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Am I Going Insane (Radio)

On December 28, 2008, we entered the basement studio of CIUT and recorded a live session for the Equalizing Distort show.  Without further ado, here it is.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

They're glory bound, the Hell Patrol

Made it to Syracuse and Toronto after Christmas.  Almost died before we even got to Toledo as 23 was all ice, but Ian held it together in a wicked slide and kept us out of the ditch, once again reaffirming his position as Minister of Transportation.  We had a good time in Syracuse, lowlife cab driver aside (Heavy accent: "Yes, this was my dog for two weeks.  He killed another dog in a fight, and a man killed my dog because he lost $3600 on the bet.  I would have killed the man myself but he went to jail first."   "Imagine that."  Keep quiet for the rest of the ride as he cranks bad hip hop and runs every red light).  Then played a top notch show in Toronto with the gingerbread men of Mature Situations, Rackshot (who fucking rocked it), and Overpower, who added Oi! tuneage to the already excellent show.  Tiny room, good bands, old friends, doesn't get any better.  The next day we recorded a set for the esteemed Stephe Perry (ex One Blood, Countdown To Oblivian, and Journey) as well as an interview that aired that night.  Hopefully we'll get ahold of the CD and con someone into bootlegging it for us, its raw but pretty damn hot, especially considering it was at the tail end of three days of gunning it, more hours spent on the road than sleeping, but you throw the switch and get it done.  Anybody that wants to get mellow can get the fuck on out of here, alright.  Len should be moving back here around May, then we can really turn it up a few notches and then some.

Upcoming  assaults on the general populace
1- Thursday, February 5th at the Trumbull in Detroit w/ Stations and Lost Cause from Philly and locals Black Birds
2- further down the line, Sunday May 3rd with Crude (Hakodate, Japan) and Unit 21 (Texas), somewhere in the Arbor/Ypsi area.

End Notes:
1- the Invader/Boywife split 7" is a smoker, goddamn.
2- 5 myspace links in one post, oughta go out to the garage and huff motorcycle fumes, but its just the way of the world these days.  Not particularly worth fighting it, although we did fight the metric system and win.  File that under lies my teachers told me, "We'll be switching to this," my ass.
3- Time to quit mucking about on here and go to sleep.  Tomorrow's itinerary is walking dogs at the Huron Valley Humane Society for an hour, then fixin' on cars at work, then training, then studying Chuck Berry leads.  Ian said, "Wow, he looks young there" and I said, "Yeah, and he isn't even pissing on anyone."  Ugh.